Custom Closets Common Mistakes (we are often asked to correct)

A well designed aesthetically pleasing custom closet looks great, maximizes space and allows for keeping everything associated with one activity in one place.

Closets were listed as the second most desired feature in a dream home in a national study by Roper Research – second only to a great kitchen.

Closets are used at least twice a day every day. The average American spends 140 hours per year every year looking for lost objects.

Closets that are properly designed should be beautiful, convenient, time saving with a place for everything with everything in its place.

Metro Door creates True Custom Closets – meaning we start with measurements FIRST.

Most of our competition offer pre-set options. The consumer must squeeze efficiency and aesthetics into pre-determined limited choices. Just ask.

Metro Door’s True Custom Closets always include:

  • ¾” backing thickness
  • Invisible screws
  • Bloom quality hardware
  • Professional installation
  • Invisible shelf support
  • No double paneling
  • Invisible side holes for adjustable shelves
  • Custom shelf width
  • Custom drawers and shelves
  • Unseen shelf grooves
  • No fillers

About 35% of our projects correct these common mistakes.

Custom closets can be very cost effective. Homeowners currently spend $22 billion to rent storage space according to the Self Storage Association.The average price of correcting and upgrading a closet system is $4,400

A larger closet doesn’t compensate alone or by itself for a poorly designed closet. It may often leave unused space in the center. However larger closets can also be well designed to look beautiful, save and create space while saving storage fees.

Panel Depth the Right Way

Panel depth is all important
so clothing can within the
confines of the shelving and
within the closet space.

Panel Depth the Wrong Way

Shallow panels cause
clothes to protrude so
that normal coming and
going is compromised.

Fillers the Right Way

Fillers the Wrong Way

Custom furniture backing when done the right way requires 3/4” thickness to avoid warping fairly quickly. Many horror stories we have run into over time were made with 1/8-1/4” backing thickness. The images below show very well the enormous difference:

Backing the Right Way

Backing the Wrong Way

Screws and Connectors the Right Way

Screws and Connectors the Wrong Way

Custom Closets Essentials Custom Closet Mistakes Aesthetics & Efficiencies
3/4” backing thickness means a
longer life
1/8-1/4” backing thickness means
a shorter life
Thinner backing warps much more
Invisible screws means better aesthetics Visible screws are an eyesore Better aesthetics is a must value
Bloom quality hardware means much better aesthetics China made hardware – looks cheap You will not have to hate your false bargains
Professional installation – Done right it looks right. Handyman installation – false savings We spend too much time CORRECTING handyman installations
Invisible shelf support Visible shelf support Aesthetically all the difference
No double paneling Double paneling Double paneling looks unprofessional
Invisible side holes for adjustable shelves Visible side holes for adjustable shelves Side holes are an eyesore
Custom shelf width creates space like it belongs Standard shelf width waste space – eyesore Better space saving aesthetics
Custom drawers/shelves; creates space fits like it belongs Pre-made drawers/shelves waste space & eyesore Custom creates more space with better aesthetics
Unseen shelf grooves better aesthetics Visible shelf grooves; an eyesore Aesthetically all the difference
No fillers save space aesthetically Fillers waste space non-aesthetically No fillers are a must

Many of our clients requested Custom Closets Common Mistakes (we are often asked to correct) in other formats they liked it so much: PDF, iBooks, Kindle